My Requirements & Services

I have a lots of references that demonstrate that I care for your pet and house as if it was my own.


As an IT Professional and Designer, I study from home so I need to have reasonably fast internet (min 12Mb) and somewhere to work such as a Kitchen Counter or Table. (You can get an idea of your internet speed by going to this website: – This website speed test is run by NetFlix.


I will also (unless requested otherwise) give you updated emails or messages (What’s App, Messenger, Duo) showing your pets and house.  This helps you know that your pets are not stressing and are being cared for.

Pet Types:

My preference as mentioned elsewhere is any of the ‘Oodle breed’ of dogs from Poodles, Cavoodles, Groodles but I equally love looking after Schnauzers, Maltese and most small to medium size dogs.

I am also a cat lover and love playing with kittens to old cats.

Growing up I have owned all types of pets;

  • Dwarf Rabbits
  • Guines Pigs
  • Mice
  • Yabbies
  • Gold Fish
  • Cats
  • Dogs
  • Budgies

So caring for these isn’t a problem.

If you have a pet or situation not covered here, please contact me as I am always happy to try and accommodate different requests.